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Psychosis & Schizophrenia

Anthony's Story

Over the course of a year, a number of events took their toll on my mental health. My Auntie died, a five year relationship came to an end, and two of my friends were killed in violent attacks. I became overwhelmed and began to behave differently.

Lit candles in a church in memory of loved ones who have died

My symptoms

I became withdrawn, and began to self-harm. I also began to experience manic episodes, in which I’d hear voices in my head and become delusional.

During a bad episode I ended up at the doctors. They told me that I was experiencing psychosis, but I had no idea what that was.

My lowest moment

Not long after being diagnosed I spent four months in hospital. I knew I had to be there, but it kept me away from my youth work and my music, so it was difficult to stay strong.

It was a scary time, but it was the support of my family and friends that pulled me through it. My mother was by my side from the beginning, and never left me.

portrait of elderly lady, Anthony's mum supported him when suffering from psychosis

My way forward

I still live with my illness, but I’m in a much better place than I was. Remaining close to my family has helped, but most importantly I try to be a positive example for young people.

Why I’m sharing my story

I try to tell my story as much as possible to help others that are experiencing similar situations. There is support out there, and lots of organisations can provide information and help you feel you’re not alone.

My main message is talk to your friends, family or GP about how you’re feeling. The sooner you open up about you’re going through, the better chance you have of getting help and recovering.