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On the inside,

“I lost all self-confidence and constantly doubted my ability to do anything”

Paddy lives with depression


Depression is a low mood disorder. We all feel down at times, but if these feelings last and get in the way of your life, you could have depression.

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Why do people experience depression?

While many life events and experiences - such as a difficult childhood, broken relationship or unemployment - can lead to depression, sometimes there’s no specific cause.

I developed depression and spent much of my time self-harming, but I never really understood why I was doing it.

How many people in the UK will be affected by depression?

1 in 6 of us will be diagnosed at some point – ranging from mild to more severe depression. But not everyone with depression will see their GP, so the real number could be much higher.

Can you pick out some of the common symptoms of depression?

Pick as many as you think

These are just some of the symptoms people with depression may be experiencing, you can find out about them all below.

Do you think depression is a disability?

Depression is the second biggest cause of disability worldwide. While not a physical illness, it can have a severe effect on your ability to do everyday things. Jobs and relationships can become impossible to maintain.

I became very withdrawn and I sought to isolate myself as much as possible.

Who is more affected by depression?

In the UK, women are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression. But they’re also more likely to seek help, so there could be many more men living with the condition than we know about. There are many ways to get support click below to find out more.

There’s definitely a 'macho culture' that can make it harder to speak up.

If you feel OK sometimes, you’re not really depressed.

Like everyone, people with depression have good and bad days. But even if it’s not obvious to those around them, their illness is real and they can still be deeply affected by the low moods it brings.

I felt a need to put on a façade for my family and friends, to play the clown, even though I was doubting everything on the inside.

Paddy felt he had to hide his real feelings

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