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On the inside,

“One minute I would be on top of the world, the next I would want to kill myself”

Mitesh lives with a personality disorder

Personality Disorder

A personality disorder can make you think and behave differently from most people. And when your feelings become irrational and distressing, they can become a serious problem.

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Which of these is a leading cause of personality disorder?

Up to 70% of people diagnosed with the condition have been victims of sexual abuse. However, that’s not the only cause, and sometimes there may not even be a clear reason why somebody has a personality disorder.

How many people live with a personality disorder?

Personality disorder is more common than you might think. Around one in 10 of us will be affected by it at some point in our lives, but for many of us, the condition will not be severe.

Everyone can be affected by mental ill health. Don’t read too much into the label and try to understand.

Choose some of the common symptoms of personality disorder?

Pick as many as you think

These are just some of the symptoms, but you can find out about more of them below.

Who is more likely to experience a personality disorder?

75% of people diagnosed with personality disorder are female. But women are far more likely to seek help, so there could be many men living with the condition than we don't know about.

You can't recover from borderline personality disorder

Recovery means different things to different people.

People with a personality disorder might not live completely symptom free, but they might learn to live with and control their emotions and thoughts. They will usually need long term therapy to help them to do this. There’s no recommended medication for personality disorders, but your GP can prescribe something to deal with associated symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Therapy helps me manage my condition. I do have times where I struggle, but I remember how far I have come.

Mitesh’s feelings were always up and down

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Personality Disorder